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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Calamities And Sorrows  

I am not the right person to ask,
Why it happened so fast?
A storm that is raging before them,
All I could do is pray.

People young and old are trying to save their lives,
What can I do to ease their burden?
Animals of all kinds and breed need care,
No one is spared from the pangs of death.

May it be a typhoon, tsunami, or an earthquake,
Some people cry and other die.
Do we have the heart to reach out and help?
One thing for sure, they need us.

Yes, calamities and sorrow,
Are all over us and in some parts of the world.
What can I do to share my fate?
Because I was spared by the scare.

I must get out and help,
I must do my share.
There is no other way,
But to do my part.

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