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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Ending  

We live in a dreary place,
waiting for the day dawn.
We sing the same hymn,
of hope and love.

Tell me princess, will you be a captive?
a prisoner in my heart,
when all these trials are over,
Will you love me with no condition?

This place is a witness,
of how we fought for life.
This place is a home,
of two hearts beating as one.

We are captives here,
but we will find a way.
For us to start all over again,
And for a happy ending.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The wind carries your shadow like a slow train,

Brushing your hair as gently as it could.

You are a man of mystery.

The blinking light of the morning sun,

Flowing through my way like a stream.

I am a woman of love.

The real you is hiding beneath the moon,

When I cried through the night.

The mystery of your love is just an illusion.

Now, take the wind and the light before dawn break,

Leave me as the morning comes in.

I will survive by the sunshine.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Calamities And Sorrows  

I am not the right person to ask,
Why it happened so fast?
A storm that is raging before them,
All I could do is pray.

People young and old are trying to save their lives,
What can I do to ease their burden?
Animals of all kinds and breed need care,
No one is spared from the pangs of death.

May it be a typhoon, tsunami, or an earthquake,
Some people cry and other die.
Do we have the heart to reach out and help?
One thing for sure, they need us.

Yes, calamities and sorrow,
Are all over us and in some parts of the world.
What can I do to share my fate?
Because I was spared by the scare.

I must get out and help,
I must do my share.
There is no other way,
But to do my part.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

True Love  

I died a thousand times when you left me,
And lived through my faith all time.
Perhaps, there will come a day that you will come back.

I dreamed for so long,
For the moment you would hear me.
As if the wind will carry my love song to you.

I smiled when you finally came home to me,
And your gaze kept my sigh.
Since, I remember all the time that I had been waiting for you.

You will always be a part of me,
As I close my eyes to death.
You are my true love even when I have to leave.

If only you came earlier,
I could have kissed your eyes.
For you to realise that no one could tear us apart.

And now that I am leaving,
Feel the pain in my heart for the last moment.
For I will never die in your memories.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


You must be an angel in disguise,
for you come with the rain
and keep me safe.

You must be just somewhere
and holding my heart
for in my dreams you always appear.

Could it be the memories that we shared?
That I could not fathom the mystery.
When you are nowhere to be found.

The wind's touch is breaking my heart,
as if you are always here
Will I ever see you again?

Memories, it's just memories,
that keeps my faith alive
and held my tears for good.